David Schneider, Bay View Dental Staff Can Compassionately Treat Teeth Issues

Dr David Schneider Bellingham We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ignoring a dental problem isn’t going to make it go away. No amount of brushing, flossing and daily use of mouth wash is going to repair that filling. Fortunately, David Schneider and Bay View Dental can offer an office that’s professional, welcoming and affordable.  For those living in or near Whatcom County in Washington, we’re here to tell you that there’s a local solution to the teeth pains you’ve been experiencing. This can be traced back to the time and resources David Schneider dedicated to higher education before launching Bay View Dental.

Dr. Schneider’s path to opening his trusted dental office starts with Concordia College and the University of Minnesota Dental School, where he graduated with honors. The University of Minnesota Dental School is the state’s only dental school and serves students hailing from five nearby states with a wide variety of programs, from dental education to patient treatment and more. This is accomplished across four campuses where some 45,000 pupils are enrolled at any given time. After graduating from the dental school, Dr. Schneider took his proven skills to offices in Minnesota and New Mexico. Come 2004, however, Dr. Schneider brought his skills to Bellingham where his practice is currently located. The desire to bring this service to Washington stems from an overarching “vision of operating a dental practice where individualized comprehensive care would be the focus,” he said recently. At Bay View Dental, David Schneider and his trained staff offers implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth-whitening and much more. Even the installation of sleep apnea devices, treating gum disease and tooth loss as well as specialized children’s dentistry are among the services offered by David Schneider and Bay View Dental.

Bellingham is home to approximately 80,000 residents and is the 13th-largest city in Washington State. Dr. Schneider, who is a proud member of this community, always takes the opportunity to give back to his community. Whether that means helping to address the problem of hunger across the state or donating his time and talent to local efforts and other events, Dr. Schneider is no stranger to selfless service. When not at work, he enjoys summers spent camping, biking and hiking; come winter, he’ll spend much of his time skiing.